How to write every day on Medium as a beginner!!

Become an online writer

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Hello fellow writers!!! We are in the same boat.

When you know that you want to write on Medium. You must know the reason why you want to write on the platform.

And it’s normal if you don’t know why you want to write. you can sit and ask yourself. Make a list of the reasons that are important for you. Put that list as a sticky note on your mirror. There you go!!!

Once the right mindset is in place. Here are the 5 things that can help you establish yourself as a writer on medium.

1. Content idea dump

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Always keep a notebook handy. Handwritten notes work best for you. But you can use note-taking apps if you like making notes on mobile.

The idea of keeping a notebook handy is for keeping all your content ideas in one place. So that you can reach them and add anything to them anytime.

You can make a flowchart, and draw a brainstorming section on your notebook.

Don’t be extra smart and try to remember every idea that comes into your head. Instead, write it down on paper. Shrug off the extra weight from your shoulders and allow yourself to be creative.

2. Don’t judge yourself, if you’re biased

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You’re naturally inclined towards a subject or a social issue. That’s totally fine. Your interest can be your next article. Yes, it’s a win-win.

You will not have to spend much time researching the idea. And you’re more likely to know about the subject deeply enough to talk about. And you can write nonstop about your favorite topics.

If you’re struggling to find your ideas of interest. Just do one thing. Analyze the type of content that you like to watch on YouTube randomly. It can be about anything to everything. Be it confidence, beauty, mindfulness, etc. Just pick it up for yourself and start writing.

3. Make a commitment

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Hello!!! We are discussing you. Yeah, let’s point out the elephant in the room.

It is about choosing your daily goal and taking it to the maximum height.

You cannot pull off a big victory without actionable work and a strong work ethic. You got to do this to reach the final stage. Help yourself win.

4. Do experiments, choose what works for you.

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Yep, you heard me right. Trial and error is a great way to monitor your progress.

Stop overthinking and take action. You think I’ve got an idea. I don’t know if it’s gonna work or not. but the only way to check the idea is to implement the idea.

Either You’ll fail with a reason or you’ll pass with a distinction. But the only answer is to Take action

5. Follow your routine

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Once you have the above-mentioned process in place. Make a special corner for you to write. Set a daily routine and make it a habit.

Plan a proper step-by-step process that works for you. Don’t listen to anyone else in this case. It is your turn to find your routine and then stick to it.

Last piece

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Writing is different for everyone. But the only way you can find your tone and voice is By Writing. Write at least one piece of content every day. Believe me, there is no other way to do it.

You want to be a writer. Then write!! No excuses, hands down.

📌📌Add your favorite step or a line in the comments section.



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