Kanza Khalid

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

From my dreams

To your conscious//

In the dark

In the light of the moon//

In the shade of bloom

In the room//

From evening

To midnight//

Your table lamp

To the candle on the stand//

To the passion in your heart

Your fiery eyes//



Is your SMILE less beautiful than,

Photo by Ej Agumbay on Unsplash

;Anything of this world

;Are your tears not

;worth the dewdrops of the dawn,

;You’re like a flower

;Don’t let your scent go away

;You’re like sunshine

;Don’t let your shine disappear

You’re like a Moon

As peaceful as it can be

You’re a dream come true

Don’t you



Kanza Khalid

Kanza Khalid

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