5 B2B marketing strategies to boost your revenues

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Every business has its unique marketing strategy. Having a well-suited and unique B2B marketing strategy will help you to know about your goals and objectives as a company and will increase your revenues.

“The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good ”~ Seth Godin.

Here are 5 B2B marketing strategies to increase your revenues.

1. Email marketing strategy

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Email Marketing is the best way to increase your b2b leads. Good email marketing for b2b contains different kinds of emails that help convert your frequent website visitors to potential business prospects. It’s not only about writing smart content. it’s more than that.

First, you should have a marketing strategy intact. In b2c, you connect with people on a sentimental level. But in b2b, you interact with leads on more valid, and analytical reasoning.

In a study in 2020, 38% of b2b marketers claimed that their sales increased due to Email marketing.

2. Facebook ads

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Most b2b companies ignore Facebook in their marketing strategy. Facebook has 2 billion users. It has more users than any of the social media platforms and if you think that business owners and executives are not on Facebook. Then, You are wrong.

Facebook plays a primary role in b2b marketing. Facebook pages can generate more leads and traffic than LinkedIn.

After Facebook, LinkedIn is the second most suitable for b2b marketing. but most b2b marketers consider LinkedIn as the first best platform. Don't ignore stats in that case.


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For a good b2b marketing strategy, both SEO and SEM play their role. The combination of these 2 can give you remarkable results.

Once you optimize your website for the search engine. It will start showing on Google search results. Yes,SEO is a time-consuming process, But it Will Generate Lifetime Leads For free.

If you have a new website, things will take more time. Then, SEM comes to play.SEM is a paid marketing strategy offered by google. SEM is helpful to drive leads and rankings in less time. Most marketing experts suggest them in pairs.

4. Set your LinkedIn marketing technique

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After Facebook, Linked In is the second most effective social media platform that’ll generate leads for you. Firstly, for b2b marketing your LinkedIn page wouldn’t be like an average page.

you’ll have to create the atmosphere for lead conversion. Your banner image, description conveys your message to your targeted prospects. Your website landing page must include somewhere on your LinkedIn page.

Be active on your feed. That’s the best way to pitch your ideal audience.

5. Use retargeting strategy

Email retargeting is known to be helpful in b2b marketing. When someone is reaching on your sales page and then leaving. It shows that they are highly interested in it. You have to retarget them through email or ads targeting.

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Let’s just say after seeing the sales page, they quit it and open Facebook and your advertising campaign onset. Then, reading a blog your campaign comes in. That customer will be more likely to convert. Not just email retargeting, ads retargeting is also helpful.

But the sales funnel for b2b is a little vaster than b2c. Due to high price points and more decision-makers are involved in b2b. Not every lead is convertible to b2b in marketing. you always have to check if they qualify to be a lead or not.