Stay away from toxic motivational quotes. period

1. You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it!!

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Have you heard this before? Oh, yes I’ve heard this idea so many times. And, Honestly somewhere in my head, I believed in it.

I didn’t question it.

I didn’t reflect on the idea of Why it is necessary to be “Anything”. Is it not enough? I’m here with everything that I already need.

I believe it is wrong on so many levels to say that I can change anything about myself If I want to. Or is it ok to process your thoughts like that?

Here, you are denying the fact of having roots, or maybe your innate qualities don’t exist anymore.

For a rootless, meaningless person it’s ok to say and believe in such kinds of Stigma.

But when you know you belong somewhere. You came into this world without your permission and you’ve to go back without an ultimatum.

Then, you don’t stuff these types of humiliating stuff in your brain.

Here, I’m not denying the fact that you can learn new things. you can acquire skills that are unknown to you at some point in your life. You can always start fresh.

The point here is, that few things are not for you. Accept them. Embrace your innate quality to be human. Yes, these nitty-gritties make you human, a real person, A Gem.

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Having certain goals set in your life gives you clarity, purpose, and vision in your life. Trying out new and different stuff every now and then is a sign of healthy functioning.

Then, What is not healthy functioning?

Let’s say!!!

You are excited about an idea. You want to give it a try and see yourself thriving in it. “Wait listen” the moment you get your hands in it. You realize this idea is a piece of shi* and not your cup of tea.

Now, you can’t MOVE ON because you’ve attached your ego to “Maleficent Witch”. Keep grinding yourself.

Imagine how you look when you push away all your dreams, success stories, and your stamina.

It’s a toxic lie when society says you can’t live a reasonable living doing what you love. Just ask those people if you can explain why you say this or I’m with you if you back your ideas with evidence.

You’ll be surprised to know that they’ll not respond and have no opinion on this.

So let’s sum it up!!!!

If you’ve put your heart, mind, and soul into something; it didn’t work out. It’s ok to take a step back. Decide what you want to do next, and move on. Full stop.

2. You’re perfect the way you are.

Photo by JC Bonassin on Unsplash

I’m sorry but what is this?? Or wait, I’m sorry for being direct about this. How can I be sorry for this? No….. Where do these positive affirmations come from? I don’t even understand.

The problem is the way we promote these ideas.

You’re fat. yeah yeah, it’s ok. Accept yourself. It’s body positivity.

you are impatient. It’s fine

You’ve got an anger issue. Oh my goodness!!! It’s just the way I’m. I can’t change this about myself.

That’s great. You’re perfect!!!!!

But are you?? Ask yourself: use your common sense.


Hey, don’t get me wrong. There is no negative energy here. But that is how I feel about these types of motivational quotes. they are everywhere and Toxic.

Do what works for you but at the same time find balance in it. Smile, Laugh and Shine through it.

Let me know what you don’t like about viral motivational quotes………



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